Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access CAP Services?
There are 3 waiver services for people with disabilities. The CAP-C waiver stands for Community Alternatives Program for Children, The CAP-DA stands for Community Alternatives Program for Disabled Adults. These two waivers are administered by Cape Fear Valley Medical Center. The CAP-ID/DD formerly known as CAP-MR/DD stands for the Community Alternative Program for People with Intellectual Disabilities or Developmental Disabilities. This waiver is administered by the Local Management Entity.

How do I get a job coach?
Kaleo Supports, Inc. provides job placement and job coaching services through contract with the North Carolina Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services. People interested in this service usually begin by going through the local VR Office and attending an orientation about the service. If eligible, a counselor is assigned and he or she with input from you writes your individual plan of employment. People have choice in who they would like to provide the service.

What should be in a Person Centered Plan?

The plan should lead to meaningful outcomes. It should assist a person with accessing his or her community in productive ways. It is not enough to say that a person receives a specific number of hours per day of service, but rather what benefit is gained through the service. Kaleo Supports takes great pride in achieving outcomes.

Can I help select my staff?

Most certainly! Kaleo Supports completes employee screenings, background checks, driving record checks, health care registry checks and at least two reference checks. Applicants are interviewed first before meeting families to insure they measure up to the standards of Kaleo Supports. Families can also add specific duties to the job description if they so desire.