Continuous Quality Improvement


Kaleo Supports is committed to continuously striving to improve quality. North Carolina sets standardized quality defined by laws, regulations and rules and grades us with our compliance. We are committed to quality that is deeper than this; we believe quality is defined by your expectations and your needs. We invite input from the people we serve, families, stakeholders and others.


Each year as part of our continuous improvement and strategic planning, we select outcomes to measures as it pertains to A.S.E.E.

A. = Accessibility (are we available and approachable to the people we serve).
S. = Satisfaction (are the people we serve satisfied)
E. = Effectiveness (how do the people we serve benefit from our services)
E. = Effienciency (how are we productive and best utilize resources)

Reporting a Concern

If you would like to report a concern of any type you may complete this form. A completed form may be faxed to 910-339-2808 or emailed to