Family Resources


In order for us to support you better, it is important we establish a good working relationship. From you we ask the following:

  1. Provide us with complete and accurate information regarding medications, allergies, challenges, preferences, illnesses and other pertinent information.
  2.  Tell us your preferences and make us aware of your choices.
  3. Participate in the implementation of your supports and services.
  4. Tell us how we can improve and serve you better.
  5. Tell us about changes in your life that need to be reflected in your Person Centered Plan.
  6. Accept responsibility and consequences for refusing supports.
  7. Ask questions if you do not understand.
  8. Treat employees with the same respect you would like them to give to you.
  9. Be positive and make effort to work toward the goals in the Person Centered Plan.
  10. Follow policy and procedures of Kaleo Supports, Inc.
  11. Keep the relationship professional with employees.
  12. Remember employees are only permitted to do the activities as defined in your plan.

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Kaleo: Family Guide – Updated October 2013 PDF